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We offer career focused skills and professional certification training that helps the students to achieve real working experience. Our training is focused specifically on hands-on practical approach.

End User Application Courses

In a digital world end user applications are critical and to ensure you keep up and are able to function effectively at home and in the work place it is critical that you hold these skills. Let us take you from zero to hero

Certification Courses

Our certification courses cover both technical and professional. Course topics range from project management certification to skills path certification

Work Place Skills

Work place skills are attributes that enhance an individual’s interactions, job performance and career prospects. With courses that cover topics like ethics, collaboration, GDPR, digital transformation and environmental sustainability

Small Business and Entrepreneur Skills

Small businesses and entrepreneurs require a toolbox of skills and our courses cover important topics like business strategies, eCommerce, communications, marketing, etc

Technology and Development

At Iconnic, we are passionate about technology and we have a wide range of tech and development courses that will suit you. If it something you want to learn straight out of school to secure your first role or to improve your skills. We have something to meet your needs.

Health and Safety

It goes without saying that maintaining health and safety in your workplace and at home is important. Courses ranging from planning workplace safety to learning life saving techniques


Project Management

PMP Exam Preparation

This intensive 4-day, directed study course is designed to prepare you for the PMP exam in a fun and effective manner—with a minimum amount of studying after class! In addition to unique games and activities, there are exercises and techniques designed specifically to increase both learning and knowledge retention, giving students not only the knowledge they need to quickly prepare for the exam, but also to become a better project manager.

Microsoft Project

You need to gather information about the various tasks involved, resources required to accomplish the tasks, and the overall cost in order to plan a project. Microsoft Project acts as a tool that assists you in managing your projects. In this course, you will create and modify a project plan. Once the plan is created, you will set a baseline, track project actuals and report against the plan using Microsoft Project.


Project Management Foundation

This course is a basic introduction for administrators or supervisors who may be asked to take on project tasks as part of their regular work. This course is intended to familiarise participants with common project management terms, identify the benefits of projects, teach the concepts of project life cycles, prioritising and setting goals, use some basic, simple planning tools, and explore charters and statements of work.

End Users Application

Microsoft Excel Foundation

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that enables users to work with and store data in a table. It is part of Microsoft suite of programs.

This course will help users get up to speed with the basics of Excel. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable with creating a new spreadsheet, working with basic formulas and functions, and making a spreadsheet look professional and presentable.


Computer Fundamentals

Do you need to learn the basics of computers? This course will give you the foundation to understand computers and their abundance of uses. This program covers the basics to get you familiar with the new technologies and form a good base to take you to the next level.





Microsoft Word Foundation

Microsoft Word course is intended to help all novice computer users get up to speed with Word quickly. By the end of this course, you should be comfortable with creating, saving, and sharing a basic document that contains text, graphics, and formatting. You will also become familiar with using and customising the Microsoft Word interface.



Technology and Development

Introduction to HTML and CSS

The Introduction to HTML and CSS course is intended as an introduction to using these computer programming languages – teaching the basics of these languages, and then continuing to explore various ways to use these languages to create an effective webpage.

Comptia A+

CompTIA certifications are industry-leading credentials to start and grow your IT career. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level IT certification to get your first IT job, or you want to boost your IT career with an advanced IT certification

Junior Code Camp

Programming for kids is both a great brain exercise and a way to gain valuable skills for their future. Read a complete guide on programming for kids now!